04: “From Mull to Munlochy: Stepping from the known to the unknown background in understanding local history” by Jo Currie

This talk is about the childhood inheritance that made the author want to look deeper into the background of Mull, and how that had a bearing on the people she chose to write about. How working in bookshops, university libraries, publishing , and even the shadowy world of ghost writing led inevitably to an obsessive interest in the history of Mull individuals and the creation of a card file of names which were waiting only to be explained and fleshed out by two of the most outstanding collections of manuscript letters ever to reach the safe havens of British Record Offices. 
Jo speculates about the long lives that would be required to do justice to such information, and then, because the two enterprises under examination are so different, Mull so familiar, Munlochy at first a mere name, but a place in the Black Isle not unknown, this talk surveys all the means of discovery, given the tail end of a life only. Jo appeals to listeners for help in finding future historians who may be able to step in to secure the survival of an extraordinary heritage.